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Project Planning

Lingua-World Assumes Project Planning and Documentation

What exactly do the project- and documentation planning look like?
In order to reach a real high quality for your (multilingual) project in the target language, we plan every steps of request in collaboration with our client.

Quality thanks to optimal multilingual project planning

In the preparatory phase, we choose the ideal translator for your job.
During this process we take the multi-lingual ability as well as the specialist knowledge of the translator into consideration. In addition, we also analyse how the linguistic, cultural, and legal particularities of the target language differ from those of the original (localization). At the same time, we draw on the terminology database of our clients (terminology management).

The process of collaboration with our client includes a detailed briefing

We make sure that the translator can work optimally within the specifications given. Moreover, it is especially important that the translator receives all the relevant data and information material from the client or author. In addition, we ensure the proper layout or process the translated text in the editing system of the client. In this way, we can guarantee you the optimal application of multilingualism and professional project planning.

The last step in project planning is quality control

To us, this doesn’t just mean the obligatory proof-reading by a second translator, but rather it is a complete documentation of the quality control: Mistakes are analyzed even during the translation process, for software translations, the application is tested with the translated text, the collaboration process will be evaluated and possibilities for improvement will be examined.


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