Lingua-World Giving Back

The future begins today!

They say “knowledge is power” but for some, less fortunate, it is a privilege that is never realised. In this instance it would be the disadvantaged children scattered all over Soweto.

Although Soweto is a place of booming business opportunities, there is far more that can be done when it comes to the accessibility of information especially to those who need it the most – children between 5 and 10 years of age.

Lingua World Giving Back

They are at a crucial developmental stage, where they constantly absorb information at amazing speeds. This, in turn, leads to the expansion and broadening of their imagination and way of thinking which in turn can positively impact their futures. And this does not end with them; it has the ability to become a culture that progresses through a multitude of generations and ultimately turns into an inherent character of a people and community.