A Love for Languages

Nelly Kostadinova

Dear Friends

As a loud and proud native of South Africa, my love for languages became impossible to hide as I quickly developed a wonderful respect for the cultural cyclone flood, learning English, Afrikaans and Zulu, along with a good dose of French in my high school years.
It all made sense to me when I saw the ad(vertisement) for Lingua- World, and saw a chance to become a part of a growing world of such broad communication – how could it not? I was immediately fascinated by the 180 different languages on offer and decided to attempt to enter the engaging world of linguistics, translation and interpretation.

I was lucky enough to join what was at first a small team of staff, which is now expanding into becoming a booming success on the South African market, and I felt the active spirit of this business field and decided to support this new opportunity with all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained on this phenomenal earth. With a degree in Communication, thanks to the University of Johannesburg, from the very first day I believed what I already knew – Communication is Key. Absorbing every ounce I can in this job and watching the project manager talking to so many people all over the world at once, my fascination snowballed.
So I want to invite you to be a part of Lingua-World to welcome you into our universe of world-wide communication and global friendship. Please feel free to speak to me, or each other, to chat up a storm and shower us with your own valuable comments and views.

The Beginning of a Wonderful Friendship

This is my first step to show you into the world of Lingua-World and the exciting moments communication allows us to make.

““ It was a whirlwind of emotions that day, as a foreigner travelling alone to an unknown city, and driving on the opposite side of the road [than Germany] my navigation system led me to the famed town of Soweto, South Africa. I typed in the address in the GPS and off I went on my first social project adventure and half way there, the GPS said I have already reached my destination. I didn’t see Soweto on the right side or the left side, not even in front of me. So I stopped to ask where the Youth Alive Ministries were, and eventually was directed, and back on my way I drove some more and more. Eventually, I arrived at my destination -two hours late- and I didn’t see a soul in sight. No one would be waiting for me, surely?

I questionably bounced out of my car and began to walk towards the building, I slowly opened the door. And not expecting anything, I just saw children. More than forty relieved faces, who all began to chant and dance, wonderful dancing, all together, choreographed, and this was too remarkable. The children were aged from 3 to 15 or 16 years old and right in the front were the smallest ones, who were so capable to be part of this dance. I looked at the children, and couldn’t believe what was done- all for me? They were in the room waiting for me for more than two hours, patiently hoping for a visitor. Still standing at the door, everybody became soundless with their precious faces looking at me. I felt that have to say something because of their silence, and looked at me for words. In awe and on the spot, I said, “Hello everybody”…and they responded with a big hello back. They asked who I was, and I began to explain to them…“My name is Nelly, I am not here to be a missionary or the millionaire from Germany, and I have not come here to explain to you how to live. I’m an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, and I want to be able to give you something more valuable, I believe. I want to give you my time and my ideas. I want to show you that you too could be the successes you were made to be. ”
Later I heard it was Thabile, YAM’s programme manager for 7 years, who kept the children so quiet for the whole two hours in expectation to meet me.

And that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship…””

The luminary Nelly Kostadinova describing her humble experience with the children of the Youth Alive Ministries (YAM), at a computer programme social project in Soweto. – Managing Director/ Founder of Lingua- World