Why SEO Translations are so important

International websites need to speak the language of their customers.

In order to do so, they not only need to contain good specialised translations, but also search engine optimized content.

SEO Translations

Companies that want to tap into new international markets face a multitude of challenges. They soon have to answer questions such as: How are our rivals positioned? What do customers and business partners expect from our company? And last but not least: What language do our customers speak? This final question should definitely not be underestimated. Nowadays, simply translating your company website, brochures and catalogues and hoping that your business will be a success abroad is no longer enough. Professional specialised translations produced by native speakers of your target language are absolutely essential. Native speakers know the linguistic nuances and cultural characteristics of the country in question and are well aware of how to appeal to customers – and what not to do.

Another important keystone of successful internationalization is offering localized content. This means not only translating websites, but also checking and adapting them with regard to technical, formal and cultural aspects, for example when it comes to how addresses or telephone numbers are written. Images and colour choices should also be checked and considered in terms of the target culture.

Once you have perfectly localized your website so that it meets the international needs and requirements of your chosen foreign market, you need to focus your attention on another essential aspect: search engine optimization, known as SEO for short. After all, your inter­national website should also be easy for your target audience to find.

SEO Translation for localized content

SEO improves the visibility of your website in the search engine rankings of Google, Yahoo and co. It uses so-called keywords, namely essential terms that correspond to users’ search behaviour, to make your website as easy as possible to find. Successful SEO selects and positions texts, images and videos on your website in such a manner that search engines include your website at the very top of their search results. SEO also involves many other factors and it needs to be viewed as a comprehensive and continuous process. On the one hand, it focuses on on-page optimization, for example developing keyword strategies, analysing the search volume and making the website quicker to load. On the other hand, SEO also involves what’s known as off-page optimization, which involves factors such as creating links and content marketing.

At Lingua-World, specialist translators who are experts in SEO research the optimal keywords, analyse the search behaviour of your target market and create website content and advertisement texts that are not only appealing, creative, easy to understand and tailored to suit your target audience, but also easy to find. If you have already commissioned an agency to handle the search engine optimization of your German website, we can, of course, work in close cooperation with your partner in order to effectively extend your reach in new markets!

The result: customers can make the most of the usual high quality of Lingua-World’s specialist translators and receive an SEO-compliant translation that meets their specific needs and requirements.

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