The South African Sign Language (SASL) Course

Lingua-World is proud to announce the launch of a brand new service, The South African Sign Language (SASL) Course.

As Lingua-World enters its 4th year on the South African Market, it is time to let go of the training wheels and move forward breaking new ground.

Sign Language TrainingLingua-World CEO Ms Nelly Kostadinova decided to venture into this new territory after realising the scarcity of resources when it comes to SASL.
With entrepre­neurial instinct and social responsibility, she quickly identified the need for Sign language training in the country and thus a new seed was planted.

The Lingua-World Sign Language training team met for the first time with Ms Kostadinova earlier this month for a very fruitful planning session. The meeting was held at Lingua-World’s Rosebank offices. Members of the team having different backgrounds have a lot to offer and are excited to be part of this new venture.

The ability to communicate is key to individual wellbeing and development. Learning Sign Language means opening doors to the Deaf Community. Lingua-World wants to be at the forefront of breaking the barriers between the deaf and hearing communities and affording the Deaf an opportunity to be heard in their own language whenever they go to the doctor, police or even the bank.

The SASL Course

The SASL course which is SETA accredited is an opportunity for individuals with friends or family members who are hard of hearing or deaf. Companies and Public departments who have deaf members of staff or who serve the public on a daily basis such as banks, health delivery staff and home affairs to mention but a few can benefit from knowing South African Sign language.

Lingua-World Sign Language Interpreters