Simultaneous Interpretation

No one lasts longer than 30 minutes at a time

Speed and concentration are crucial when it comes to simultaneous interpretation. These experts translate the spoken word into another language: in real time.

Simultaneous interpreters really push themselves to the limit. They translate conferences, TV shows and legal proceedings live and at super speed. “For one job, we always need 2 top interpreters who take turns, as no one can manage more than 30 minutes of simultaneous interpretation at a time.” explains Clement Mzantsi, Office Manager at Lingua-World Johannesburg.

Simultaneous Interpretation - Lingua-World Johannesburg

Only experienced interpreters with extensive training and a good deal of resistance to stress can do it.
Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most stressful jobs in the world – only pilots and air traffic controllers have it worse than this.

Lingua-World commissions simultaneous interpreters for events organised by large companies such as BMW and Thomson Travel, for example. “We have hundreds of simultaneous inter­preters which means we can always find the right specialist for the client’s wishes” explains Clement Mzantsi.

Lingua-World assigns only the best experts.

“The interpreters are experts in the chosen topic and speak the languages perfectly” says Mzantsi.

For top-level interpretation, Lingua-World offers the full service: the best references, excellent qualifications and every language. Clement Mzantsi’s team make sure that everything runs smoothly by preparing interpreters in advance and discussing projects in detail with the client beforehand.

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