Sign language interpreters

Gestures that explain the world

There are even interpreters for sign language. Lingua-World Johannesburg is offering additional certified courses in sign language.

When the great Nelson Mandela died in 2013 and was laid to rest in a dignified memorial service, the speeches by politicians including Barack Obama were translated into sign language by an interpreter, but something wasn’t right. The gestures made by the interpreter didn’t make any sense at all. It later emerged that he was no interpreter after all, and the whole thing was a hoax.

The scandal showed how important it is to have well-trained interpreters into sign language, and it also lead to Lingua-World receiving many more requests for ‘correct’ sign language. “People have become more aware of it” says Mzantsi.

Lingua-World Sign Language Interpreters

Lingua-World Johannesburg has the perfect solution.

“We have a network of highly-qualified sign language interpreters for all eleven languages and assign only professionals. We’re also ETDP-SETA accredited to offer South African Sign Language (SASL) training” says Clement Mzantsi.

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