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Sign Language - I love You

This is the sign for “I love you!” in SASL

Lingua-World Pty Ltd is a Johannesburg and Cape Town based Language services company with its head office in Cologne Germany. In addition to offering Translation services, Lingua-World is SETA accredited to offer South African Sign Language (SASL) training.

The course is designed for first time learners who are interested in expanding their horizons and exploring the world of the deaf. The course can be a step towards becoming a sign language interpreter.

Do you have a loved one who is hard of hearing, or are you are a public official working with the public daily? The course is designed to allow you to carry out conversation in SASL and provides a dynamic, fun learning environment in which to learn with experienced and competent trainers.

Why Sign Language?

South African Sign Language is certainly one of the oldest native languages in the country. The ability to communicate is a basic human right for every individual and more so for the Deaf community. Sign language has become widely recognised globally and protected in various governmental policies. In South Africa the status of Sign language has become more important and there has been increased awareness across all levels of Society. More and more hearing South Africans are learning South African Sign Language to improve relationships between hearing and Deaf communities.

Who needs SASL?

  • SASL/English Interpreters
  • Parents and family members
  • Teachers and staff
  • Vocational/rehabilitation services staff
  • Civil Services staff who require sign language skills
  • Personnel in teaching programs for deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Medical, health and counseling personnel

Course Structure

The Lingua-World SASL course is divided into four levels. Learners will be issued with a certificate of attendance on completion of all four levels provided they had an attendance score of at least 80%. Learners may choose to attain a certificate of competence on completion of level 4 and in order to obtain a Certificate of Competence, learners will be required to participate in a series of assessments both written and signed. If learners pass the tests they will be issued with a Certificate of Competence.

Level 1 · BeginnerLevel 2 · Pre-Intermediate
Introduction to SASL?How does SASL structure work?
Historical backgroundSentence Types: Statement, Yes/No Question, Why Questions
Cross-cultural communicationOn Completion student should be able to conduct a signed conversation on a simple topic
On completion of this level students should have knowledge of the SASL alphabet and basic vocabulary
Duration: 10 HoursDuration: 10 Hours
Level 3 · IntermediateLevel 4 · Advanced
Communicating with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People.Communicating in Group discussion
On Completion of the Intermediate level students should be able to conduct a signed conversation on a simple topicRole play
On completion of the Advanced level students are expected to have the ability to communicate on a complex level including making arrangements with Deaf individuals and groups of Deaf people
Duration: 10 HoursDuration: 10 Hours

Class Schedule Guide

Full TimeDuration: 5 Days
Classes held from Monday to Friday - 8 hours a day
WeekendDuration: 8 weeks
Saturday classes, with this option learners attend two 75 minute classes a day, Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday
Week days TwiceDuration: 8 Weeks
Part Time, week days, with this option learners attend two 75 minute classes twice in a normal work week.
Week days OnceDuration: 16 Weeks
Part Time, week days, with this option learners attend two 75 minute classes once in a normal work week

Course Fees

One on oneFamily ClassesGroup ClassesOrganisations
1 student4-5 students5-10 students5-10 students
Fees: R 6 800. 00Fees: R 4 500. 00
Fees: R 4 000. 00Fees: R 3 600. 00

Please note: Fees are subject to change. Classes for organizations and companies can be held on the organization’s premises, this will carry an additional charge for transport.

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