Level 2 B-BBEE contributor for the year 2017

Lingua-World is proud to have been named a level 2 B-BBEE contributor for the year 2017,
and we’re more inspired and determined than ever to further support the development of the people of South Africa.

For nearly 5 years now, our aim has been to supply the different branches of industry in South Africa with our high-quality services, and we are driven by our task of making mutual understanding possible in all areas of daily life.

Today, translation and interpretation work is a significant part of communication on every level. Thanks to our translations, the people of South Africa read and understand documents, instructions and press releases in the language they call their native tongue, (from a possible 12 languages!).

On the other side of things, translations and interpreters ensure that companies in South Africa can communicate with their business partners in different languages. This leads to increased and stronger relationships as well as improved efficiency, which both mean rapid development for the companies and thus the promotion of economic growth.

BEE’s mission is to achieve the distribution of wealth across as broad a spectrum of previously disadvantaged South African society as possible, and to implement measures to erode the huge gap between the rich and the poor, thus creating a dignified standard of living for all.

Lingua-World Level 2 B-BBEE 2017

The success of our work over the last 5 years is not just the professionalism we have gained when interacting with our customers, but most importantly the friendships we have built between Lingua-World (Pty) and the children from Youth Alive Ministries in Dube village, Soweto. The children we have got to know there over the years work on the Lingua-World computers every day and are achieving great results in school. More and more children come every year and gain from our help, developing their skills and chances for a better future.

Through our work, we are sure that we can help improve the lives of even more people!