Conference Interpreting is a job for competent and reliable people

Conference Interpreting

Sitting in a big conference such as the African Union Annual Summit: with delegates from all corners of the continent. No one ever stops to imagine what goes on behind the scenes. Most of us only get to see the final product, be it attending the conference or when we watch the delegates on the news or tv.

With each and every seminar where different languages are involved, a lot of work goes into interpreting for each and every language to enable communication and interaction amongst participants. This is the work of competent and experienced Simultaneous interpreters; these professionals are not necessarily translators for the written text. They work in pairs for each language pair and take 15-30 minute turns to interpret. This is a daunting task, because the interpreter has listen and speak at the same time. It is important to be able to juggle between the two languages with a high level of accuracy.

The interpreters have specially designed sound proof booths for this type of work.

Some conference venues already have these facilities but often booths have to be transported along with microphones and headsets to the venue (more about Conference Technology / Video Conferences) . These are installed by a technician on sight and everything is tested to make sure everything works properly. The different delegates take their seats and are able to listen to the speaker in their language and they can also participate and share in the discussion.

It is through these highly competent individuals that communication on a national, regional and international level can take place and important goals and targets are set by big and small organizations globally.

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